So there I was. On vacation. And my brain started dumping knife information onto a hastily crafted poster. I spent the entire vacation laying out knives and sections on the page: scribbling, crossing out, then doodling blade shapes. When I got home, I spent the next 4 months designing the knife chart in Adobe Illustrator at 5 a.m. What resulted was a sweet hot mess of everything I wish I'd known when I first got into the knife industry. It's a handy reference for the knife nut and a road map to understanding for the knife noob. I think you'll like it. My goal with the Knafs brand is to create products that teach and celebrate the knife lifestyle. It's #knifelife embodied in interesting, knifey products. KNAFS (rhymes with “laughs”), noun: a colloquial, tongue-in-cheek way to say “knives.” Origin: when mispronounced, “knives” becomes “knifes.” With a Southern accent, “knifes” becomes “knafs.”



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