IronBull Slinger Tombstone Pry Bar Custom KnifeJoy Engraved/Anodized

IronBull Slinger
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The Tombstone

Inspired by the historic Tombstone, AZ. With design elements taken from several different aspects from the era.

Utilizing the famous Casey Lynch pocket clip for a nice deep carry. Passion for quality, durability, and IronBull proudly makes their products in the United States of America.

The Tombstone is made from titanium, and comes with Casey Lynch’s signature pocket clip. 

****This item will/can patina over time. May contain surface scratches, tumble patina/rust or machine marks. Along with laser engraved markings IF engraved.


  • Overall Length: 4.0"
  • Width: .880"
  • Thickness: .156"
  • Weight: 1.2


**Please note these come with the pocket clip not attached, and this is to give customers the chance at customizing the pry bar individually. Assembly is required after purchase on every Tombstone. Also the anodizing was not factory done or done by the maker.**