Randall Made Knives Model 14 Attack

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   The Randall Model 14 Attack does just as its name states it is on the attack and ready at all times! The 7.5" stainless steel blade, and it has finger grips on the handle for the best grip when faced with a time to slice and dice! Model 14 was destined to be an almost indestructible all-purpose knife, and it hits right on the money for what it was designed to be. Whether you hunt, fish, camp, or do anything tactical you need this knife no doubt about it!


  • BLADE LENGTH: 7.5"
  • BLADE STOCK: 1/4"
  • HANDLE SHAPE: Single Finger Grip, Border Patrol, Finger Grips
  • HILT STYLE: Brass Double
  • WEIGHT: 14 oz.